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CBDSKY Affiliate - icon group peopleWho is the CBD SKY Affiliate program for?

Join our fantastic global community of affiliates who are online marketers/advertisers/publishers, social media brand influencers, product reviewers, brand ambassadors, and health advocates and are using their online presence to earn money in the CBD Space.

CBDSKY Affiliate - icon globeWhere can I promote my new referral link online?

Simple, you can place you link on any online platform in the world as long as we ship globally to your customer’s order destination. (This will be verified when the customer goes through checkout.)

This includes social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter as well as review sites, e-commerce shopping sites, display advertising, forums, blogs, email newsletters, SMS/text advertisers, online magazines and much more.

CBDSKY Affiliate - icon star PRO TIP: After you sign up and your receive your affiliate link, you can then embed it any CTA (call-to-action) text as a “hyperlink” by making any chosen text clickable with a web URL/address. This new hyperlink text will show the text you choose but will contain your affiliate link and track all your commissions and user sign ups.

How it Works?Our program is 100% free to join. Zero hidden costs. No pesky monthly membership fees.

No cold contacting. Leverage your following of the people you already know.
All-in-one affiliate dashboard, that provides analytics, affiliate links, and payout information.
Instantly become accepted, receive your affiliate link and start today.
Build a network of affiliates in your team and EARN up to 30% commissions.
Bi – weekly instant digital verified payouts. No waiting for paper checks by mail!
Lifetime compensation payouts as long as your customers remain at CBD SKY.
We accept global affiliates as we ship products and accept payments worldwide.
Get quick help by emailing our team at
Flexible to work part-time to supplement income or full-throttle to maximize earnings.
Grow your income with our scalable commision ranks

BenefitsScalable Base Commissions 10%-20%:


“Lifetime” commission on all returning customers.
No sales Threshold


“Lifetime” commission on all returning customers.
Must reach $1000 USD in sales


“Lifetime” commission on all returning customers.
Must reach $2000 USD in sales


10% Network commissions on all 1st level sub affiliate commissions

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Earn up to 30% commissions and get paid bi-weekly with fast verified digital payouts.

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Join our rapidly growing community that enjoys earning awesome commissions in the CBD industry that Forbes has estimated to grow to a $20 Billion USD market this year!

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