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Welcome to the CBD SKYAffiliate program

If you want to join an explosive community of customers, online marketers/advertisers, social media influencers, brand ambassadors, and bloggers who are getting paid big bucks to do what they love the most, promote health, you’ve come to the right program.

One-minute sign-up. Copy your personalized affiliate link. Paste it on your social media or web space. Get PAID


We offer a straight forward, simple way to get paid from selling our CBD SKY products.

  • Our program is 100% free to join. Instantly become accepted by our affiliate approval team.
  • Fast Commisions that are paid directly to you every 30 days
  • We accept global affiliates as long as you have a verified Paypal account.
  • All-in-one affiliate dashboard, that provides analytics, marketing tools, and payout information.
  • Build a network of affiliates in your team and EARN up to 30% commissions with lifetime compensation bonuses.
  • Track your progress and successful strategies with a personalized affiliate dashboard and marketing content when you login.

HOW IT WORKS: Two ways to gain Income

Base Commissions 10%-20%

10% commission on all new referral, + 2% Lifetime Customer Commission, No sales Threshold
15% commission on all new referrals, + 5% Lifetime Customer Sales, active @ $2000 USD Gross sales threshold
20% commission on all new referrals, + 8% on Lifetime Customer, active @ $5000 USD Gross sales threshold

Tiered Add-on Commissions 5%-20%

  • The “Affiliate, Influencer, and Ambassador” levels above will all be paid the same add-on commission percentages based on the depth level of their referred affiliate member network starting from the 2nd level.
  • For example, you are your 1st level so you have 0% add on commission.
  • When you refer a successful affiliate sign up, your 2nd level, you would get 5% commission from all 2nd level affiliate commissions in your network.
  • When the affiliate you referred also refers another affiliate, your 3rd level, you would then get 5% commission from all 2nd AND 3rd level affiliate commissions in your network for an extra 10% total commission added to your Base commissions. This happens until your Base commission (“Affiliate 10%, Influencer 15%, and Ambassador 20%“) plus your tiered add-on commission (2nd level – 5%| 3rd level – 10% | 4th level – 15%) combine together until 30% in total commission is reached no matter which level of Base commission you have.
  • Join us and earn insane commissions for the CBD industry that Forbes has estimated to grow to 2.1 billion by 2020. Don’t Miss out.
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