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Ten Ways to Mask the Taste of CBD Oil

As people become more and more aware of the health benefits of CBD oil, they are discovering different ways to consume this food supplement.  As humans, we are very convenient beings.  If we can skip something which is unpleasant, or at least mitigate the ordeal, we will do anything in our power to do so.  In this article, we share 10 hacks on how to hide the CBD oil taste that you may be dreading twice a day.

So far, people consider CBD oil to be the most popular ingestion method. CBD oil can come in a form of tinctures, vape-juices, capsules, and topical rubs/lotions.  Except for capsules and topicals, you will either need to accept the peculiar taste of CBD oil or find a way to mask it.

Unsurprisingly, some CBD oil users complain about the taste.  In order to fully experience the benefits of CBD, you need to keep the oil beneath your tongue for about a minute before you will swallow it.  This way, you allow the compound to be absorbed right into the bloodstream.  Now, imagine holding something you consider particularly unpleasant under your tongue for 60 seconds.  It can become quite a challenge!

This is a naturally occurring question if you’re not a fan of the taste of CBD oil.  But don’t worry, because we have compiled a list of ten methods to help you mask the taste of CBD oil so that you can draw the full benefits of Cannabidiol without the taste challenge.

1. CBD oil Taste Vs Your Favorite Snack

If you want to get rid of the taste of CBD oil, one of the fastest ways is to grab some food and indulge in it.  Get yourself a snack that you particularly enjoy and keep it at hand.  Once you hold the oil for the required period, you can eat the snack to replace the aftertaste with something much better.

Many CBD users use chocolate to mitigate the flavor of CBD oil, but if you like candies or lollipops, they will come in handy, too.  Just do it after a while of using the oil and you’re going to be all good.  Remember, a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down!

2. CBD Oil Taste Vs Mints

Yes, we know that we could actually mention mints in the above section. But the term “food” is most often associated with something concrete rather than chewing gum or Tic Tacs.  So there you go, here’s a separate point.  On top of that, mint kills unpleasant flavors like nothing else.

3. CBD Oil Taste Vs Toothpaste

This is hands down one of the best methods to help you mask the taste of CBD oil.  If your routine involves taking CBD oil in the morning or before bedtime, try brushing your teeth beforehand.  This way, you can minimize the unpleasant aftertaste on your tongue.  Minty flavors will dominate over the earthy taste of the oil hands down.

4. CBD Oil Taste Vs Mouthbreathing

Now, if you are patient by nature, this method should do the trick. Once you apply the oil under your tongue, close your mouth tightly and use your nose to breathe.  While this method doesn’t work wonders when it comes to masking the taste, it might allow you to not draw air over your tongue.  As a result, you won’t experience the taste of CBD oil as intensely.

Alternatively, you can hold your nose, since many studies have proved that this can inhibit your ability to taste things at all.  Ever wondered why you can’t register the taste of your food when you have a blocked nose?  This is because a blocked nose can also block your taste receptors, which is why some CBD oil users find this method effective.  Fact!

5. Flush Your Mouth With a Drink

You can keep your favorite drink to wash away the unpleasant taste of CBD oil.  It can take a couple of sips to soften the flavor that spreads throughout your palate, but it works!

According to many CBD oil users, coffee is a great solution to budge the flavor of CBD, since coffee is already strong itself.  If coffee isn’t your hero, try lemon water or citrus juice – both options are delicious and refreshing.

6. Honey Sweet Honey

Honey is a very much appreciated natural sweetener, and it can help you big time in terms of getting rid of the taste of CBD oil.  If you don’t like the taste of your herbal remedy, just drop a few drops beneath the tongue along with the CBD oil.  This will allow you to pick up the nicer flavor instead of the unpleasant earthy notes of the oil.  Hopefully, that should make the experience a little more pleasant.

7. Choose CBD Isolate Instead of Full Spectrum Oil

The aforementioned earthy taste refers to that of most CBD products.  This happens due to their origin in pure hemp, which is known to leave an earthy aftertaste on the tongue.  If you’re using full-spectrum extracts, you’re probably aware that they contain both CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenes. Due to the presence of terpenes, CBD oil gains its specific aroma and flavor profiles.

So, is there a way to mitigate the flavor of CBD oil and obtain a flavorless form of Cannabidiol?

Yes, there is!  If you don’t want to take full-spectrum CBD products, consider switching to a CBD isolate.  As the name suggests, CBD isolate contains the single pure compound of CBD and nothing else.  This form of CBD comes in handy for people who are allergic to other cannabinoids or terpenes – or don’t like the taste!

What is more effective: full-spectrum CBD oil or CBD isolate?  As researchers and cannabis geneticists suggest, full-spectrum extracts may carry additional health benefits that contribute to the so-called entourage effect in hemp.  But then again, if you really can’t stand the taste of CBD oil, you may want to consider switching to an isolate.

8. Incorporate the Oil Into Your Food

While using CBD oil sublingually (beneath the tongue) provides users with the best bioavailability (absorption rate), you could very well try adding your oil into food.  This, of course, will reduce the bioavailability of the oil, but it tastes better.  Consider adding several drops of the oil into a smoothie or drink, or add them to a salad dressing. Too easy!

Keep in mind it’s not the best option if you’re looking for fast relief from your ailments, as absorption time through this method can be increased to an hour.  Don’t up the dosage in hopes that the effects will appear quicker. This way, you only waste your CBD oil.

9. CBD Oil Taste Vs Yogurt

If the taste of CBD oil is not that unpleasant to keep you from holding it under your tongue, try swallowing it down with some food that masks the taste.  For instance, some sweet vanilla yogurt may come in handy for getting rid of the strong taste if you follow your intake of CBD with a spoonful of yogurt.

10. Different Consumption Methods

For inflammatory and anxiety problems, the best way to take CBD oil is orally.  There are plenty of ingestion methods out there, so if you don’t want to use CBD oil sublingually, here are several options to help yourself out:

  • Vaporization: Vaping CBD oil increases its bioavailability, as CBD immediately enters the bloodstream upon inhalation.  Plus, if you’re a smoker, you might want to try vaping CBD e-liquids to replace bad habits with safer ones. It’s a win-win situation.
  • Capsules:  CBD capsules are perfect for people who don’t like the taste of CBD oil and they are constantly on the move.  Since capsules come with a fixed concentration of CBD and other cannabinoids, it’s way easier to dose them.
  • Oral Sprays:  A relatively new concept, CBD oral sprays are one of the most convenient methods of CBD consumption.  All you have to do is push the spray button and deliver a pleasant mist with cannabinoids right to your mouth.  Similar to tinctures, CBD sprays are highly bioavailable.

What are your hacks to mask the taste of CBD oil? We can’t wait to hear your stories!