Hemp CBD Oil Drops 1500mg 1oz/30ml Natural Flavor – Full Spectrum

USD 130.00

For natural relief with natural taste, look no further than our Pure Hemp CBD Drops in natural flavor.

Made with organically grown full spectrum CBD oil, this award winning formula is potent and works fast to help you feel calm, relaxed, and pain-free.

With 1500mg per 1oz bottle, the potency of the CBD oil is ideal for athletes (including the pros), people with physically demanding jobs, and those suffering from chronic pain. Whether for work or play, this blend was made for physically active people.

All natural and organic, take up to one full dropper up twice a day for best results. A 1oz bottle contains 50 full dropper servings. Place drops under the tongue and hold for 30 seconds before swallowing for maximum absorption.

Use within one year for ultimate freshness.

This product features:

  • a potent 1500mg CBD oil per bottle
  • full spectrum CBD oil
  • natural flavor

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 Product Highlights:

  • Sourced from 100% natural & bio-organic American hemp
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction
  • 1500mg of CBD
  • 50mg of CBD per serving
  • Great for a wide range of health concerns
  • Long shelf-life
  • Non-GMO
  • Zero THC (100% legal)
  • Broad-spectrum technology
  • Discrete Priority Shipping to all 50 states + WORLDWIDE
  • 30 Day Full Refund/Global Shipping Insurance Available

How To Use Hemp CBD Oil Drops 1500mg

Shake well before each use. Take up to 1mL twice per day. Place under the tongue, hold for 30 seconds and then swallow. Keep at room temperature to preserve freshness.  Store away from humidity, heat, and light.  Do not refrigerate.  If any unpleasant reactions occur, discontinue the use of the dietary supplement and consult professional medical help.

CBD SKY Hemp CBD Oil Drops 1500mg: Moderate-High Concentration Range

CBD Sky 1500mg full spectrum CBD Oil Drops (Natural Flavor) is a natural dietary and nutritional supplement for enhanced wellness and high vitality with remarkable potency for wider use.

At 30mg of CBD per serving, this product is a good option for people who need CBD in abundance and are looking for the best ratio of price to value. CBD oil supports your brain function, staves off stress, regulates pain response and plays an important role in the modulation of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) — arguably the most important biological networks in the body

We have infused this 1500mg CBD tincture with a full-spectrum hemp extract. This means you can benefit from the synergy achieved by all active ingredients naturally occurring in hemp. Cannabinoid experts argue that full-spectrum extracts provide better effects than isolates because the users don’t need to take such high amounts of CBD to achieve the effects they’re looking for.

Because there’s no THC in the oil, this product is non-psychoactive.  You can benefit from cannabinoids without intoxication.

We source the CBD from non-GMO organic plants which we further test in independent laboratories for safety and potency. The tincture is safe, affordable, legal, and easy to use.

High Potency for Major Health Support Needs

At CBD Sky, we understand how important it is to find the right dose of CBD based on your individual needs. Everybody is different, and so is our response to CBD oil. That’s why we have decided to cover the entire potency range of CBD oils. We offer extracts from 250mg up to 5000 mg of CBD per bottle. Each bottle has a convenient glass dropper with a rubber pump attached to it.

The 1500mg full-spectrum CBD oil will work best for those who require higher doses in their daily routine. It packs a decent dose of 30mg in each milliliter of the whole-plant liquid. Whether you work physically or stay long hours at work and need support for your focus and relief from physical discomforts, we recommend this option. This concentrated oil is perfect to use on its own.

We Offer the Full Spectrum of Non-Psychoactive Cannabinoids

Hemp plants are chock-full of beneficial compounds. At least 115 of them belong to a group known as cannabinoids. CBD is one of the two major cannabinoids in hemp, but it’s also supported by dozens of trace cannabinoids and terpenes naturally occurring in the hemp plant.

Our production team uses whole hemp plants to make our full-spectrum extracts. Once mature and harvested, these plants undergo extraction in our state-of-the-art facility, where we run them through CO2-filled chambers. The pressurized CO2 acts as a solvent, stripping all the beneficial compounds from the plant and leaving behind a concentrated liquid.

From there, we filter our extracts to purge out any traces of THC. This way, you can benefit from CBD and other compounds but without any THC content in your product.

Why do we stress the importance of using whole-plant extracts?  Because they are generally superior to products based on single molecules, i.e. CBD Isolate.

Cannabinoids and terpenes produce synergistic effects when they occur together in one extract. They can amplify each other’s health benefits while mitigating potentially unwanted reactions.

Scientists refer to this phenomenon as the “entourage effect.”

This means that your body can process full-spectrum CBD oil more efficiently than it would if you took CBD Isolate.

No Flavorings, Just Pure CBD Oil

This CBD oil has been produced using organic hemp and extracted under low temperatures to ensure it contains the original phytocannabinoid profile of the plant. 

If you are concerned about the earthy taste of CBD hemp oils — don’t worry. At CBD Sky, we’ve left no stone unturned to provide the smoothest experience for consumers. The oil has been thoroughly filtered from any plant residue that could add more bitterness to its flavor. You can tell the difference not only in the taste but also in the oil’s appearance and texture.

At 1500mg of CBD per bottle, this CBD oil is more viscous than standard potencies, but it still pulls smoothly through the provided dropper.

The infusion into hemp seed oil makes our extracts nuttier than earthy, which most users describe as pleasant when compared to competitor brands.

Still, if you prefer flavored CBD oils, you can try the same potency in the mint tasting option.


250 MG – [ 5mg/serving ]  

Our lowest level dosage is a perfect start for beginners. Recommended for those who need a low level of support for general health and those who don’t have a chronic illness, consistent pain, or major symptoms. This dosage is ideal for those who use CBD as an easy superfood dietary supplement. Suitable for long-term use or can be scaled up over time.

500 MG – [ 10mg/serving ] 

This dosage can be a commencement strength for those wanting to dive right in with CBD. 500mg offers a low level of support for mild symptoms and pain relief. Suitable for long-term use or can be scaled up over time.

750 MG – [ 15mg/serving ] 

This dosage is an ideal starter strength for those who have recurring symptoms and need consistent pain relief. 750mg offers a low-medium level of support for ongoing medical needs. Suitable for long-term, ongoing support or can be scaled up as need.

1000 MG – [ 20mg/serving ] 

This dosage is ideal once you’re accustomed to CBD oil and it has become a part of your daily routine for some time. 1000mg of CBD offers a medium-high level of support and is best suited for those with an active lifestyle where muscle soreness and injuries might be sustained, as well as those fighting moderate symptoms from chronic illness and in need of consistent pain relief.

1500 MG – [ 30mg/serving ] 

This dosage is ideal for professional athletes, particularly during recovery after a competition, and those who have physically demanding jobs, especially jobs with repetitive motions that lead to injury and regular pain. 1500mg of CBD oil offers a moderate-high level of support, which can be used to manage chronic pain.

2500 MG – [ 50mg/serving ] 

This dosage is best for those who have serious conditions that require consistent pain relief and pain management. One of our stronger extracts, 2500mg of CBD oil offers a high level of support to those with chronic pain. This potency can also be an excellent choice for those who want more doses per dollar spent.

3500 MG – [ 70mg/serving ]

This dosage works best for those who have major health support needs, such as those with a wide range of health concerns, including chronic pain. This highly concentrated oil is perfect to use in cooking, so you can get the benefits of CBD oil with your meals. Simply add to your food once it’s prepared.

5000 MG – [ 100mg/serving ]

This dosage is our strongest oil yet! For those who need maximum strength and pain relief for critical health needs, this is the highest potency we offer. 5000mg is most helpful for those with a wide range of health concerns, as well as families or groups that use CBD oil together. This is our highest level of support.


CBD SKY Full Spectrum: Delivers the “Entourage effect” – Whole hemp extract of all naturally present cannabinoids including (Cannabidiol (CBD)(A)(V), Cannabinol (CBN), Cannabigerol (CBG)(A), Cannabichromene (CBC)] + flavonoids/terpenes (for taste, color, flavor) + hemp-based carrier oil (for delivery into the ECS)

CBD SKY Isolate: Extreme 99% pure whole hemp-derived naturally present cannabidiol CBD isolate + flavonoids/terpenes (for taste, color, flavor) + hemp-based carrier oil (for delivery into the ECS)

Expiration: One (1) year shelf Life


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. WARNING: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. CONSULT YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER BEFORE TAKING IF YOU ARE PREGNANT OR NURSING OR HAVE ANY OTHER MEDICAL CONCERNS.


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    michel l. - - Verified Buyer


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    Itshak V. - - Verified Buyer


  3. Review by yotpo.com

    Susanna B. - - Verified Buyer

    It is my first CBD Oil and I can only say it is potent stuff, am needing a much lower dose than recommended. Thank you!

  4. Review by yotpo.com

    David S. - - Verified Buyer

    Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops 1500mg
    Great product with great results for myself.

  5. Review by yotpo.com

    Suze T. - - Verified Buyer

    My husband uses CBD for his back pain & is now able to go without most of his pain meds.

  6. Michelle Aldam-Parker - - Verified Owner

    I would have to say that this strength CBD oil is the most popular for my clients. After the consistent amount of time that CBD SKY has been present in the market, people are now realising that the prices ARE great! Partner this, along with pure, organic product, it is difficult to use anything else. Thankyou CBD SKY for providing the integrity and function to help people help themselves.

  7. Review by yotpo.com

    Jerry H. - - Verified Buyer

    Joint relief.
    Joint relief. At 66 years old and being a drywall contractor. I have aches and pains that just will not quit hurting. The CBD oil has come through for me. I am very happy with your product. I’ve also been using the ointment on my elbow and knee. This is also helped relieve the constant pain. I thank you for the 15% discount on my next order. Jerry Hulery from Hulery Drywall Reno Nevada.

  8. Review by yotpo.com

    Shirley L. - - Verified Buyer

    Great product.
    Great product.

  9. Review by yotpo.com

    Graeme M. - - Verified Buyer

    Always reliable and great product
    I live in Australia and this is my 5th order with Sky. Every order arrives in two weeks and the CBD oil is great quality.

    5 stars

  10. Review by yotpo.com

    Darla F. - - Verified Buyer

    Love it
    The taste is not as pungent as others I have tried. So far so good ?

  11. Review by yotpo.com

    eldad s. - - Verified Buyer

    I'm very pleased
    I'm very pleased

  12. PhoebeCatesGuy - -

    I always go to the coolest and most glamorous events. However, I do not go there as one of the guests. I work as a waiter for a caterer and parties are not as enjoyable when you have to work until the wee hours of the morning. To make sure that I stay in great condition until the end of the event, I use these CBD drops and it works perfectly!

  13. Neil Kubler - - Verified Owner

    They thought it may have been just in the mind at first but now over time they definitely feel better inside.

  14. Robyn - - Verified Owner


  15. Lily.Page - -

    Some people think that being a career woman is much harder than being a housewife. I have tried both and I must say that my role as a housewife now is much more demanding both physically and emotionally. I just can’t afford to be anything less than the best mother and wife. I make sure that I am at my best condition to take care of my family with these oil drops so everybody’s happy!

  16. SmartJason - -

    I am one of the biggest men in our workplace. I am taller and bulkier than most of my co-workers. That is why I am usually asked to perform heavy tasks such as carrying equipment from one place to another as well as climbing somewhere – all physically demanding tasks. I have no problem with that at all because I have these hemp drops and it saves me from body pains!

  17. BarbaraClover - -

    When I started getting offers to play the role of a mother instead of the usual, younger roles, I realized that aging is something that I cannot avoid. I also felt it with the way my body and my mind work. Because of this realization, I acknowledged the fact that I need something that will help me feel young once again and I found the best solution ever – these oil drops!

  18. SayYes - -

    The first time I joined a national beauty pageant, I experienced pressure like never before. I need to look my best all the time, I need to have sharp wits for what seems like an endless series of interviews, and live on a highly restricted diet. These oil drops kept me sane and focused on my goals. I believe it played a major part when I won this most coveted crown!

  19. Eugene - - Verified Owner

    I’ve only started using this oil in hopes this will have a positive effect on my rare skin condition. Time will tell. I’ll keep you posted. I think however, on an emotional level I seem a lot calmer.

  20. Carol Sack 01/10/2018 - - Verified Owner

    I have only had these for 2 weeks now, and yet already I take 1 drop a day and feel that it is helping,also my husband I feel is not in as much pain with his knees as he was. I am ordering more today to make sure we do not run out of it.

  21. Sean Chetty - - Verified Owner

    I suffer from restless leg syndrome and after having 20 drops I was able to go to sleep without any leg pain for the first time in 40 years. It lasted for 8 hours and the second time I had a full drop is worth of oil and it lasted for almost 14 hours.

    I gave 20 drops to a lady across the road who suffers from fibromyalgia plus many other serious medical conditions, she is on a cocktail of Lethal legal Pharmaceuticals which are not helping her condition and the oil gave her relief for 12 hours without any of her other drugs.

    I am now promoting this product to anyone I know that has pain or medical conditions however it would be nice if it came in smaller amounts that I was able to give out to people as not everyone can afford the larger bottles.

  22. LucilleMcWeld - -

    I use the CBD SKY Hemp Drops two times a day – once in the morning and once before I go to sleep. I have noticed that I do not get sick as easily as I did before using this amazing solution and I have been sleeping soundly since day 1. I am a believer and I never go anywhere without the CBD SKY Drops in my purse.

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