CBD All Natural Intensive Rapid Repair Serum 1oz/30ml – 300mg Full Spectrum

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Use our award-winning oil to boost hair growth and enhancing the hair that you have. This product gives you organic CBD plus a cornucopia of fruit, nut and seed extracts for safe and effective hair growth.

Organic, natural, and easy to use!

This product features:

  • 300mg full-spectrum CBD
  • Infused with Lemon, Rose, Ylang ylang and more!
  • Easy to use with a dropper in place
  • Organic


Product Highlights:

  • Sourced from 100% Natural Bio-Organic American hemp
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction
  • full-spectrum CBD
  • 300mg CBD
  • Non-GMO
  • Zero THC (100% legal)
  • broad-spectrum technology
  • Discrete Priority Shipping to all 50 states + WORLDWIDE
  • 30 Day Full Refund/Global Shipping Insurance Available


Squalane, Sweet Almond, Rose Oil, Jojoba Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, PCR Hemp Oil (CBD), Geranium Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Rosemary, Jasmine Oil, Avocado Oil, Lemon Oil.

CBD All Natural Intensive Rapid Repair Serum

Hair loss is a common problem affecting the global population. However, when you lose more hair than you should on a daily basis, it may be a health problem. It could be related to hormonal imbalances, chronic stress, or genetic factors.

CBD supports the human Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is the prime regulatory network that maintains a balance between critical functions within the body.


One of the fundamental reasons for utilizing CBD by consumers is that our body is especially open to this compound.  This body action is known as “bioavailability”.

Why is the usage of CBD every day becoming so popular for humans and animal use? Well, scientists all over the world have discovered that CBD compounds are closely connected to the interaction between cannabidiol (CBD) and the human endocannabinoid system (ECS).  And by binding to certain and unique cannabinoid receptors, CBD has been shown in various studies to stimulate these receptors.  This, in turn, reportedly enhances the vast majority of the body’s functions. That is, the enhancing of the signaling and function in the central nervous system (CNS).

Studies show the relationship between CBD and the ECS.  Because of this relationship, the activation of cannabinoid receptors can stimulate hair growth and prevent excessive hair loss.  As a result, CBD has the ability to promote the production of new healthy cells.

Our CBD All Natural Intensive Repair Serum contains 300mg of full-spectrum CBD from organic hemp plants, infused with so much more for your skin!

The hemp in our product selection comes from organic farms, giving us clean and potent extracts that work almost immediately, and is absorbed quickly into the skin.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid discovered in 1940. It is one of 113 identified cannabinoids in cannabis plants, along with tetrahydrocannabinol, and accounts for up to 40% of the plant’s extract” [1].  And, fortunately for consumers of CBD SKY products, there is zero THC after we use nanotechnology to remove all traces of this psychoactive compound from the end product.

Full-spectrum CBD: CBD Sky products labeled as “full-spectrum” are made using the whole hemp plant. As such, they contain all the naturally occurring compounds in hemp, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.  Full-spectrum CBD is preferred by certain individuals over isolates due to the entourage effect they create. The entourage effect is the synergy between the aforementioned compounds.

CBD Isolate: CBD Sky isolates are exactly what they sound like — single molecules which are usually available in a crystal form.  They are then powdered and can be infused into a variety of products. And the advantage of isolates is that they have no odor or flavor.

More for you – More for your skin

Using full-spectrum CBD oil paired with our proprietary blend of nut and essential oils our CBD All Natural Intensive Repair Serum makes for an important part of managing hair repair.

Going Nuts About Hair Repair

Moisturizing your hair can help increase shine and prevent breakage. Hair has its own natural oils. Yet weather, age, diet, and heat damage can dry out locks. Squalane can replenish your strands and protect your hair from further damage.

Almond oil comes from pressing the seeds of the almond tree (almond nuts) and extracting oil from what comes out. Almonds include high levels of protein, omega-9 fatty acids, and vitamin E. These properties suggest that almond oil can improve the shine and strength of your hair.  It is an emollient so it makes your hair feel smoother to the touch.

Almond oil can strengthen hair and therefore make it less prone to split ends. This means your hair growth won’t be slowed by losing hair that becomes damaged. Almond oil contains high amounts of vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant. When antioxidants combat the environmental stress around your hair, your hair looks younger and healthier.

Almond oil can also be used as a treatment for flaky scalp (seborrheic dermatitis) and scalp psoriasis.  By rubbing a small amount of our Repair Serum directly on your scalp increases blood flow to the area and introduces powerful antioxidants to the skin on your head.

Flowers for you!

Using rose oil for hair can help keep the hair moisturized and prevent dehydration. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, so it may help calm a range of scalp conditions and skin problems. Because of this, it may help relieve discomfort and swelling related to psoriasis and dandruff.

Rose oil’s phenyl ethanol and geraniol give it high-quality antimicrobial properties, making it anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal. Rose oil is excellent for an irritated scalp, and even for eczema. This makes it a useful tonic for scalp acne, as it won’t dry out the hair.

Rose oil can make your roots stronger. The hair follicle will be more likely to hold onto the root instead of shedding it. This antiseptic oil combats dirt and bacteria on the scalp and unclogs hair follicles.  Rose oil is an astringent toner, and that makes it excellent for reversing aging of the scalp.

Essential Oils

Ylang-ylang Oil

Ylang-ylang oil is ideal for those with dry scalps, as it can stimulate sebum production. A lack of enough oil and sebum causes hair to become dry and brittle, therefore ylang-ylang can improve hair texture and reduce hair breakage.  Ylang Ylang is an effective natural treatment to reduce hair fall caused by stress and alopecia and is a natural way to treat thinning hair.  As a scalp tonic Ylang ylang oil can easily balance the oil secretions in your scalp. It quickly percolates into the underlying layers of your scalp and works to strengthen your hair follicles. It also reduces excess oil secretion from the sebaceous glands. It promotes hair growth and protects your hair and scalp as a natural conditioner moisturizer.

Geranium Oil

If you want healthy hair, you need a healthy scalp.  Geranium oil can regulate dryness, excess oil, and the production of sebum. Since geranium balances secretions around the hair follicles, it’s an effective agent for hair growth. Due to its high in antioxidant and flavonoid content, Geranium helps fight free radicals, keeping the hair strong and healthy.

Amino acids are the building blocks of healthy hair.  But because Geranium is full of amino acids, its flower extract can help decrease hair loss by nourishing the hair with amino acids.  This essential oil contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria, thus making it effective in treating skin problems, such as allergies, irritations, burns, and inflammation.

Dandruff occurs in two ways: when your scalp lacks moisture or when your sebaceous glands produce excess oil. Both cause flaking, irritation, and severe itching. Geranium flower extract is one of the few effective essential oils that deal with sebum under- and over-production, making it an excellent treatment for both dry and oily dandruff. Another perfect ingredient for toning the scalp’s skin!

Fruit too….

Yes, Avocado is a fruit, not a vegetable! Avocado Oil is excellent for moisturizing the skin. In addition to naturally occurring Vitamin E, avocado oil contains potassium, lecithin, and many other nutrients that can nourish and moisturize the skin.

Lemon oil can be a potent antimicrobial and anti-inflammation skin and hair care agent. It can also help you prevent oily hair, strengthen your hair follicles, and mitigate dry hair. Lemon also promotes hair growth. Not only that, it helps fight dandruff and curbs premature greying of hair. Rich in many nutrients such ascitric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, pectin, and flavonoids,  which are all compounds beneficial for hair growth.

Jojoba oil is the liquid wax found in the seeds of the Simmondsia Chinesis super-plant.  Taken from the seeds of the green fruit, its structure is different than most other oils because it is biocompatible. This means that oil absorbs into the skin really easily.  Jojoba oil is also rich in vitamin E, plus zinc, iodine, and other nourishing antioxidants.

CBD All Natural Intensive Rapid Repair Serum: Quality over Quantity

Our CBD All Natural Repair Serum starts with American-grown hemp that our farmers cultivate without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Therefore this makes our plants high in CBD content and free of unwanted contaminants.

Then we extract the whole plants with supercritical CO2 that leaves the unnecessary plant material while creating a CBD-rich liquid we then infuse into our topical formulas. CO2 extraction yields clean and potent extracts that are 100% safe for consumption.

With 300mg in each container, this product has everything you need to achieve your goals  – naturally.

How Do I Use CBD All Natural Repair Serum?

CBD All Natural Rapid Repair Serum is easy to use.

After washing and conditioning your hair with our Hair Growth Shampoo and Hair Growth Conditioner, prepare your hair as you normally would.  While holding the bottle, squeeze the rubber part of the dropper several times to draw up the solution into the dropper. Remove dropper from the bottle. Distribute the solution evenly over your head by squeezing the rubber part of the dropper to release the solution.  Then, gently rub the solution into the scalp and hair from root to tip until absorbed.

Ensure that you avoid the eye area. This product is for topical use only.

CBD SKY offers a CBD Hair Growth Mask + AnaGain as an additional helper –  naturally!

CBD SKY’s All Natural Intensive Rapid Repair Serum – Order Today

We know that our skin easily absorbs the substances on it. This includes what we put on our bodies as well as what we use to wash and treat our skin. Indeed, we know there are many synthetic skincare products available for retail. We also know how much harm artificial ingredients and irritants do to your skin. Therefore, we developed CBD All Natural Intensive Rapid Repair Serum. Perfect in nature – perfect for you!

As you can see, everything we do at CBD SKY is aimed at embracing the goods provided to us by nature. So you can be assured that every ingredient in our skincare line has been carefully selected.

Because of our award-winning extraction methods, we can deliver predictable CBD Concentration levels with 0% THC.


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabidiol


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. WARNING: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. CONSULT YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER BEFORE TAKING IF YOU ARE PREGNANT OR NURSING OR HAVE ANY OTHER MEDICAL CONCERNS.



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