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How Much CBD Oil Should I Take? (CBD Dosage)

“How much CBD oil should I take?” is the question people new to cannabidiol are asking all the time.

Many people are discouraged from incorporating CBD into their health regimens solely because they don’t know how much they need to take. This can, indeed, be a challenge if you are new to the subject.

How much CBD oil should I take?

Sadly, there is no universal dosage of CBD. The recommended amount of CBD may vary depending on several factors. That being said, we can create guidelines CBD intake according to specific conditions. Nonetheless, the ultimate dosage depends on an individual.

Everyone is different

how much CBD should I take

We bet you’ve heard that truism at least several times in your lifetime. But you can’t disregard the simple truth, can you? Given this, before you approach CBD oil, you should determine the anticipated goal of your treatment and then decide “how much CBD oil should I take.”

Some conditions include mild symptoms and you may fight them with low-to-moderate CBD doses. On the other hand, there are illnesses that will require you to increase your CBD intake.

It goes without saying that people absorb CBD differently. If your tolerance for CBD is low, you’ll be more vulnerable to its effects. It’s good to keep that in mind if you’re starting your adventure with cannabidiol.

The key is to research dosage guidelines and start at the lowest end of the recommended dose for a particular condition.

Nonetheless, sometimes it’s difficult to rely solely on what’s written on the bottle, as the ‘daily serving’ amount will vary from product to product, company to company. Given this, the very quality of your CBD oil is just as important as “how much CBD oil should I take?”

Guidelines for Treating Specific Ailments

how much cbd oil should i take

Before starting a journey with CBD or any other health supplement, remember to discuss things with a qualified health professional. Also, be sure that your CBD products are a manufactured by a reliable provider that produces top-notch, third party tested supplements.

Let’s discuss the optimal CBD dosage for some of the most common health conditions.

How Much CBD Oil Should I take for Pain Relief?

CBD is commonly used for pain relief, especially when it comes to chronic pain. It appears to be a safe alternative to opiates, which may burden your body with severe side effects over time.

To help relieve chronic pain with CBD, medical professionals recommend administering 2.5mg to 20mg in a single dose, daily.

Start at the lowest end and use your CBD oil each day for one week. If you are not satisfied with the result, increase the dosage by 2.5mg, allowing one week of daily use before adding more oil. Once you have obtained the desired effect, you can write down your optimal dose and adjust the CBD intake accordingly.

CBD for Sleeping Disorders

A shocking number 50 to 70 million Americans struggle with a variety of sleep disorders. We are constantly stimulated by cell phones, TV’s, computers, and video games. The tech-forward era we live in has given rise to a true plague of sleep deprivation. More and more people are experiencing difficulties with falling asleep, let alone the impaired ability to stay within the REM sleep phase.

When the body is at rest, it performs essential tasks. It creates long-term memories, fights illnesses, and rejuvenates after a whole day of staying awake. That being said, getting sufficient and high-quality sleep is mandatory to keep you healthy.

If you experience sleep difficulties, you can begin with 40mg to 160mg of CBD per day. Once again, start at the lowest end of these guidelines. The effects of CBD for better sleep are both acute and accumulative, so it’s best to wait a while before you apply a few drops too many.

However, if the recommended dose fails to put you to sleep, you can adjust the amount of CBD accordingly. Speaking of immediate relief, let’s say you’re having troubles sleeping and CBD doesn’t seem to provide you with satisfying effects. If that’s the case, increase your dose the following night.

On the other hand, when you encounter issues with deep sleep, give CBD 3-5 days to help regulate your system and accumulate before increasing the dose.

CBD for Neurological Disorders

CBD has gained popularity as an alternative option for people suffering from neurological disorders.

The optimal CBD dosage in this case can be much higher, reaching up to 200mg or even 300mg of cannabidiol administered daily for a prolonged period (a minimum of 3 months).

CBD for Glaucoma

The use of cannabis for glaucoma is perhaps one of the most spectacular successes of medicinal CBD options these days. A single dose of CBD daily, between 20mg to 40mg, is found to be optimal for assistance with glaucoma. Doses greater than 40mg can actually increase eye pressure, so always make sure that you don’t go overboard with your CBD intake.

CBD for Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety is quite a peculiar condition. It may come and go depending on underlying conditions. Studies have found that CBD counters the psychoactive qualities of THC and the anxiety-driven behavior induced by the latter.

This may confirm what many patients claim – namely that cannabidiol has anti-anxiety properties and may even prevent panic attacks.

If you pick CBD as your go-to medication, it is best to start with a dose of 5mg daily for one week. Still think you need more? increase the dose by another 5 mg for a week, until you reach the desired state.

Although the effects of CBD on anxiety are very impressive, it takes time for cannabidiol to start working. Keep that in mind and don’t lose your temper if relief doesn’t come instantly.

How Much CBD Oil Should I take: Conclusion

All humans have endocannabinoid systems within their bodies, but each of us reacts differently to certain cannabinoids. CBD is no exception, and thus, the optimal dosage may be very individually-dependent. When trying to estimate the right CBD dose for you, you must take into account several factors.

Here’s a quick reminder:

  • The condition you want to fight with CBD
  • Your general well being
  • Your CBD tolerance
  • The concentration of CBD in specific products

CBD is a safe alternative for many different disorders and ailments. There is no established lethal dose of CBD, which is why cannabis related deaths are simply unheard of. Nevertheless, determining the optimal dosage for your condition will help you deal with it more efficiently.

Do your own research, browse the web for best CBD products for your ailment, and start writing your own success story. Oh, and remember to always check for user reviews before the purchase.