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Finding High Quality CBD Oil: The Ultimate Guide

With CBD being on everyone’s tongues, it’s perfectly understandable that every cannabis company can have their fair share of cake in the business. This is, by all means, very welcome. If there is a demand for a product, why not provide people with a variety of supplies? However, this variety makes finding high quality CBD oil a bit difficult.

However, everything with a surge in popularity has both a high end and low end of quality on the market. Some businesses are 100% committed to producing the best products, while many others are just looking to make a quick dollar.

CBD oil and other cannabis and hemp products are no exception. Not all CBD products are created equally; some may not even contain CBD. It is important to look into every aspect of a product and the manufacturer before deciding which CBD oil is both high quality and suitable for your individual needs.

Why is high-quality CBD oil so important?

high quality cbd oil

CBD oil is classified as both a natural product and health supplement. This means that the production quality and product testing needs to be monitored and/or required.

There are several methods of extracting CBD oil from the cannabis plant, as well as manufacturing the finished product. These processes directly affect the decency of CBD oils.

Trust is of the essence when it comes to supplements

To begin with, when you buy cheap, you generally buy twice. That’s the sad truth. Many companies that sell CBD oil use GMOs and pesticides to protect their crops or modify their qualities.

As you know very well, using chemical additives makes the cultivation process cost-effective. Simply put, cheap and low-quality CBD oil is only good for their wallets. But it’s anything but good for your health.

Safety aside, low-quality CBD oils contain little to no (believe it or not, it happens) CBD at all. Companies manufacturing such products don’t have a habit of providing customers with details about third-party tests. As a result, you can’t tell what you’re actually using.

High-quality CBD oil will pay you off in the long run

high quality cbd oil

High-quality CBD oil, on the other hand, provides you with the exact cannabinoid profile contained in the product. Moreover, top-notch CBD companies present third-party testing to buyers. Being extracted from organic hemp plants, high-quality CBD oil is free from GMO and pesticides. This, in turn, makes it completely safe to use.

Last but not least, high quality CBD oil comes with certain, regulated CBD content that actually matches the description on the bottle.

So, if you want to make a wise investment, you have to see the big picture first. What will eventually pay off? Cheap, unverified CBD products with nothing but promises? Or more expensive, high quality CBD oil that will actually work for you?

That was a rhetorical question, of course.

How to find a high quality CBD oil? The answer lies right below.

How to choose high quality CBD oil

When choosing a high quality CBD oil or cannabis/hemp product. Pay special attention to where it’s sourced from, the method of cultivation, quality control procedures, and product packaging.

Also look for CBD oil by a manufacturer that offers consistent concentrated levels of CBD; this is good indicator of production quality.

Mind the cultivation

Every variety of the cannabis and hemp plants possesses a unique set of properties, including the amount of CBD (cannabidiol) available for extraction. To meet federal and state regulations, manufacturers have to produce quality CBD oil is from verified hemp strains naturally high in CBD.

Moreover, in order to introduce CBD products to the public legally, manufacturers must ensure that their strains are completely within the legal limits.

Although the hemp variety of cannabis is fully legal in the US, the process of hemp cultivation is strictly controlled. That being said, look for a manufacturer that has multiple cultivars (varieties or strains) of hemp to utilize.

Only then will you be able to taste a potent, high-quality CBD oil product.

Is your high quality CBD oil organic and GMO-free?

high quality cbd oil

A good indicator of a high quality CBD oil product is an organic and non-genetically modified crop of hemp. Some producers use harmful chemicals during the growing process to boost the speed of growth rate. Also, they want to protect their crops against pests that may harm the plant.

The chemicals used not only affect the plant in its raw state, but they also impact the CBD the final CBD product. Look for a manufacturer with experience in all natural and organic production. And for the sake of your own good, avoid anything that may have come in contact with pesticides, chemical fertilizer, or herbicides.

Any exposure to chemicals during farming or processing lessens the quality of CBD oil.

These chemicals are not safe for human application.

So, when searching for the best manufacturer, opt for companies that utilize a clean extraction process of CBD with the use of CO2 versus chemical extraction. Look for an organic label and the details surrounding the production.

Check for third-party tests

Companies that offer high quality CBD oil and cannabis or hemp products may incorporate their own regulations to maintain a consistently satisfactory product.

Of course, this involves testing to regulate the concentration of CBD for optimal doses. But it should also involve testing for any traces of potentially harmful elements, such as naturally occurring mold, mildew, heavy metals, E. coli, fungus, or salmonella.

The final stage of manufacturing is packaging, another area where careful quality control is important. Packaging should preserve the CBD oil by protecting it from exposure to light or air. Providing a complete and detailed list of ingredients, percent of CBD concentrate, serving size, and directions for use is of the essence as well.

Remember that a reputable manufacturer should provide you with the clear shipping and return policy. Here, at CBD Sky, we make sure that our policy is fully transparent because we believe that the cannabis community should be based on mutual trust.

All you need to know about CBD application

Okay, so you’ve spotted a reputable high-quality CBD oil manufacturer. Now, It’s important to take some time to compare their products and select which one best suits your needs. There is a range of potency for different uses, as well as the variety of ways to administer CBD. These include capsules, skin care productstinctures, and pure CBD oil.

Consider which method of application you prefer, and what you’re looking to achieve or improve the use of CBD products. If you’re uncertain, don’t be shy about reaching out to a CBD oil manufacturer. Companies that are truly high quality don’t just provide a quality array of products. They also care about their customers.

Last but not least, if you want to contribute to the CBD industry and start generating income by recommending top quality CBD products, you can join our affiliate network. You will find more information about the affiliate program here.