CBD Oil Quality

CBD oil quality is of the paramount importance when it comes to your experience with cannabidiol. Let’s be honest, the CBD industry is, least to say, loosely regulated, and its nature creates perfect opportunities for companies who just want to make big money at low cost.

Therefore, many manufacturers compromise on their CBD oil quality. They often sell cheap CBD oil that they extract with the use of toxic solvents, which makes the final product anything but pure.

Watch out for suspicious claims about the CBD oil quality

Moreover, some shady CBD oil companies tend to make very bodacious claims, stating that their CBD oil can cure everything, which is not true because CBD is not a magical pill but rather a very intriguing and potentially beneficial substance that can help people with their day-to-day health concerns.

Look for 3rd-party lab tests

So how to tell if the CBD oil quality is top-notch? To be honest, it’s pretty simple. Just visit the official website of your CBD oil manufacturer and look for 3rd party lab test results. If the company shows these results, you can trust them

3rd party lab tests are aimed at checking the CBD oil quality. They are run by the state-licensed independent labs and they can test for:

  • CBD oil quality
  • Purity
  • Cannabinoid and terpene content
  • Occurrence of any solvents or harmful chemicals

Running 3rd party lab tests allows the potential customer to see what’s inside the bottle of their CBD oil before they even put their hands on the product.

The best part about 3rd-party lab test is that they verify the label claims of the CBD oil. Some companies like to brag about their oils, claiming they succeed where other manufacturers fail. While it’s important to always stay skeptical in such scenarios, if lab tests support the claims, then who are we to judge?

CBD Oil Quality: Conclusion

Let’s be honest, there are just too many CBD companies on the market right now. This, in turn, makes it extremely difficult to find a trusted CBD oil manufacturer amidst the sea of companies trying to make quick money on the lack of awareness of their potential customers.

Fortunately, there are a few features that can help you distinguish between the good and bad-quality CBD oil, and once you learn the basics about the production of highly-concentrated CBD products, you will become able to separate the wheat from the chaff.