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CBD Oil Near Me: Where to Find the Best CBD Products for Sale

We regularly receive lots of questions about how to buy CBD oil and where to find the best products for sale. However, the most common question we get is “where do I find the best CBD oil near me? Brace yourselves, the answers are coming!

Reading about all the health benefits of CBD oil can make you instantly feel like searching for the closest store that could have CBD oil for sale.

Buying CBD “near me” is a tempting option, but in-store vendors don’t always have the best products in stock. Sure, you can find some CBD oil in head shops and dispensaries, but sometimes, it’s better to wait 2-3 extra days and make a better thought out decision.

Before you start running in search of shops selling CBD oil, read this article to understand why we’re against buying CBD locally.

Before You Type “Where to Buy CBD Oil Near Me…”

Everybody wants to capitalize on the booming CBD market. Unfortunately, the current categorization of CBD as food supplement or “novel food,” so there are no official regulations with regards to its quality standards.

When buying CBD oil locally, you rely on the store owner’s definition of what’s good quality and what’s not.

If they want, they can sell you the same product you’d find online, but at 3-5 times that price.

Some local stores sell CBD oils without certificates from laboratories, making it difficult to verify their quality.

Sometimes, you may end up with a product that has little to no CBD inside and shows signs of contamination.

But even if you find a trusted head shop, it might not have the exact products you’re looking for.

Finally, your CBD oil could have been improperly stored before it made it on the shelves, so you actually don’t know if your product has maintained its original potency.

Why You Should Buy CBD Oil Online

In-store vendors often get away with cutting corners when it comes to quality of CBD oil, so they don’t put as much effort into maintaining high quality standards as online businesses do. Online store owners know that customers are looking at their hands, so many of them take on transparency as their core value.

Wondering why you should buy CBD oil online?

Here are the three main reasons:

  • You can get in touch with other CBD users and ask them for opinion…
  • …Or read online reviews from customers who have already tried the CBD oil you’re looking for
  • You can ask for lab reports of the company’s CBD products…
  • … or research absolutely every detail about the company’s activity, from how it sources its hemp, and what its shipping & return policies are.

Is this your first time buying CBD oil online?

Here we give you a brief cheatsheet for new users:

Tips for Buying CBD Oil Online

No two CBD oils are the same when it comes to their quality. Some CBD products can seriously improve your wellness, but there some online retailers don’t want to play their game clean.

Let’s see what you need to watch out for when you buy CBD oil online.

1. Don’t Fall Into the Trap of Buying Cheap CBD Oil

Cheap CBD oil is nothing but an oxymoron.

The process of making CBD — from growing hemp to testing it in laboratories — is very expensive.

Not only is extraction equipment super expensive, but making high quality CBD oil requires well-trained professionals who can operate on that machinery.

Are you really that naive to think there are brands charitable enough to sell top-shelf CBD extracts at a loss?

Of course, there are many companies offering great deals for high-quality CBD oil, but if the price is below reason, chances are you’re looking at something that didn’t even stay next to organic CBD.

2. Look for the “Low THC” or “No THC” Stamp

CBD oil extracted from hemp with less than 0.3% is federally legal. You don’t need a prescription to buy it because CBD products are considered food supplement and are sold over the counter.

If you want to make sure your product doesn’t come from marijuana — marijuana is still federally illegal, and only 11 states have legalized it — always make sure that the product has a “Low THC” or “No THC” stamp.

3. Read 3rd-party Tests

Third-party testing is the actual proof that you’re getting exactly what you’re buying. Independent laboratories analyze the entire cannabinoid and terpene profile of your product and look for potential contaminants in the end products.

You should never take any company’s claims for granted when they say they sell high-quality CBD oil.

At CBD SKY, we attach a Certificate of Analysis for each of our products so that you check what’s inside the product before placing an order.

This way, you can make a well thought out decision that will improve your health instead of putting it at risk.

How to Choose High-Quality CBD Oil

Now that we’ve established in-store vendors don’t have the best CBD oil out there, and you know what to watch out for when you buy CBD online, it’s time to shed more light on the desired features:

1. Made from Certified Organic Hemp

One of the main reasons why CBD oils are priced higher than other herbal products is the way manufacturers source CBD. For example, our extracts come from domestic farms in USA, where farmers grow their crops organically, in clean soils and without growth-boosters or pesticides. On top of that, our products are USDA-certified, so when we say we make organic oils, we actually mean it.

2. Extracted with Supercritical CO2

CO2 is the current golden standard for extraction in the hemp industry. Although CO2 is not a solvent per se, it acts as one when put under pressure and higher temperatures. In its supercritical state, the CO2 changes its state from liquid to gas, leaving behind a concentrated liquid extracts. CO2 is the preferred method because it yields clean and potent oils.

3. Contains full-spectrum CBD

The entourage effect is a popular term in cannabis science. Also known as the whole-plant synergy, this concept refers to the synergistic effects achieved by all active ingredients in the plant. Scientists believe that this synergy enhances the positive effects of cannabinoids on our health.

Okay, so I Bought My CBD Oil… Can I Take it On a Plane?

Now that hemp is federally legal, you may be wondering whether you can travel with CBD between state lines.

The short answer — yes, you can!

The long one — you can travel with CBD oil but make sure to check with the local laws in your destination before you take it on the plane.

Three states — Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota — have put their own restrictions on hemp CBD products, so the legal status of CBD is murky in those places.

If you want to travel with CBD abroad, the same rules apply. Check the legal status of CBD in your destination and, if necessary, don’t take it there with you.

Final Thoughts on Finding High-Quality CBD Oil

The legal status of CBD is clear but people still have many misconceptions about the accessibility of CBD products — it’s easy to get misinformed.

While buying CBD oil locally is a convenient option, in-house stores often sell mislabeled CBD products at leveraged prices because they’re counting on quick cash from people who suddenly jumped aboard the CBD ship.

Finding CBD oil near you is easier if you live in a place with legal cannabis dispensaries in town. But then again, that place may have a limited choice of CBD and you may not fet what you came for.

Buying CBD oil online is better for new users who want to research their options and get access to a wider range of products. There’s a number of ways you can verify the credibility of your prospect vendor, so make sure to take all the necessary measures for that.

How do you buy CBD oil? Are you Team Online or Team Head Shops?