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CBD Oil Dosage: What’s the Optimal Dose for Pain and Anxiety?

Cannabinoids have become a hot topic due to their ability to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system. However, those who don’t have access to cannabis, or simply don’t want to deal with the side effects of THC, often consider CBD oil instead.

CBD oil is a non-psychoactive product that’s high in cannabidiol – a cannabinoid known for its helpful qualities. Cannabidiol won’t get you high, nor will it get you hooked, and it’s safe to take CBD oil daily much like you’d take a multivitamin or any other supplement. However, you might have questions about the optimal CBD dosage, especially when it comes to pain and anxiety. Here’s what you should know.

What’s The Optimal CBD Dose for Pain?

A study of CBD users found that chronic pain and joint pain are the two most common reasons for using CBD. CBD oil offers a safe way to consume cannabidiol without the intoxicating effects of THC. It’s also much safer than traditional pain medications, which often have addictive qualities and harsh side effects.

The optimal dose of CBD oil for pain and inflammation depends on various factors, including the severity of the pain, body weight, and individual differences in body chemistry. However, the best approach is to start with a moderate dose and increase it if you feel that you need more.

Ideally, you should start with a dose of 25 mg for mild to moderate pain or 35 mg for severe pain. You should take CBD consistently for a few days before adjusting your dosage. After a week, you can increase your dosage of CBD oil by 5 to 10mg if you feel that you need more to deal with your symptoms. Alternatively, you might want to try two doses of 20mg a day.

What’s The Optimal CBD Dose For Anxiety?

Many users also use cannabidiol for anxiety. This includes a range of anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, PTSD, and OCD. Much like using CBD for pain, the ideal dosage can vary depending on the severity of the symptoms and individual differences in weight and body chemistry. However, previous studies have outlined some helpful guidelines.

A study from 2019 on using CBD for sleep and anxiety found that a daily dose of 25mg CBD helped subjects reduce symptoms of anxiety. As such, users with anxiety may want to start by taking 25mg of CBD daily and increasing the dosage by 5 to 10mg each week if their symptoms persist.

However, other approaches may be just as helpful. A 2011 study on using CBD for social anxiety found that a single dose of 600mg CBD helped reduce symptoms of social anxiety within an hour. This suggests that taking a single high dose can help just as much as taking small daily doses, although this may not be practical for long-term usage.

Whats The Optimal CBD Dose For

How To Control Your CBD Oil Dosage

Whether you want to take small daily doses or a single large dose, using CBD oil makes it particularly easy to control your dosage of cannabidiol. There are also various quick and simple ways to administer CBD oil.

Each bottle of CBD oil comes with a dropper to measure your dosage. Your bottle will also have guidelines on how much CBD each drop contains. For instance, if your bottle of CBD oil contains 5 mg of CBD in each drop, five drops under your will give you a dosage of 25 mg.

The easiest way to take CBD oil is to apply the drops under your tongue for sublingual absorption. Hold the oil under your tongue for at least a minute, and allow up to 30 minutes for the oil to reach your system. Alternatively, you can apply CBD oil to food or even mix it into drinks for oral ingestion.

Can You Take Too Much CBD Oil?

If you’ve never taken CBD oil before, you might have concerns about taking too much and experiencing unwanted side effects. Fortunately, research shows that CBD is very safe to use. CBD is completely non-psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t have the psychoactive side effects associated with THC. It’s also safe to use in high doses.

A study on the safety and side effects of CBD found that even chronic doses and high doses of up to 1,500 mg of CBD a day were well-tolerated by humans. But while you might want to experiment with high doses, keep in mind that every user is different and you might experience some mild side effects such as dizziness, nausea, and diarrhea.

Although it’s safe to take higher doses, the best approach is to start with a small daily dose of CBD (15 to 25 mg) before raising your dosage each week. This will help you find your optimal dosage and also prevent you from wasting your CBD oil.

Can You Take Too Much CBD Oil

Where To Buy CBD Oil

Unlike cannabis, CBD is federally legal and CBD products can now be found across the United States. With that said, there are many low-quality, untested CBD products out there, so it’s important to buy from a reliable source.

You can buy CBD oil online from CBD Sky. CBD Sky offers 100% organic, non-GMO CBD oil. These products are derived from hemp and contain only trace levels of THC, making them safe to use. Various quantities and flavors are available so you can find the perfect product to suit your needs.

Alternatively, you might also want to try other types of CBD products. Whether you’d prefer a different method of consumption or want another product to use in conjunction with CBD oil, you can also try CBD capsules, CBD topicals, CBD gummies, and a range of other high-quality cannabidiol products from our online store.


CBD oil is handy, effective, and safe to use – even in high doses. The optimal dose of CBD can largely depend on your personal needs, but starting with a dose of 25mg and gradually raising it each week is generally a good rule of thumb.

If you want to try CBD oil for yourself, it’s important to get high-quality CBD oil from a reliable seller. Fortunately, you can find 100% organic CBD oil, edibles, capsules, and more online from CBD Sky.