CBD Effects: What Does CBD Feel Like?

CBD can have many different effects on the body and brain, but what exactly does it feel like?

This article will give you an all-round answer to that question.

CBD is an active compound found in the cannabis plant and can be a great natural alternative to a range of OTC supplements. OTC stands for “over-the-counter” and means a product that can be sold without a prescription.

CBD is also non-intoxicating. If you’re hesitant about trying CBD because it is derived from cannabis plants, mind that this cannabinoid won’t trigger any psychoactive effects.

Since you can’t get high when using CBD, what effects should you expect? Are there any adverse reactions associated with the use of cannabidiol?

Read on to find out everything about CBD and its real effects.

CBD Effects: What Does CBD Feel Like? 4

CBD Effects: What Does CBD Feel Like?

CBD is popular for its relaxing effects, with no buzz or cloudy feeling in the head that is usually associated with other plants from the cannabis family. This unwinding feeling will perfectly relieve both mental and physical stress while slowing your breath and heart rate.

Is CBD Psychoactive?

Again, cannabidiol is a non-intoxicant, which means it’s not psychoactive.

CBD, contrary to THC, doesn’t directly interact with any of your brain’s cannabinoid receptors and therefore won’t get you high. Additionally, cannabidiol reduces the psychoactive effects of THC by blocking the possibility for this compound to bind with the cannabinoid receptors.

How Can I Tell When CBD Starts Working?

CBD is an increasingly popular phenomenon — and for a good reason.  

Cannabidiol works by bringing back the body’s homeostasis (chemical balance), through the endocannabinoid system. Thus, the effects of this cannabinoid are usually a bit slow – unlike those from synthetic counterparts. Additionally, CBD requires you to be consistent with use for optimal results.

CBD can affect people in slightly different ways. We recommend taking notes while using the CBD oil for at least a week – try to write down your how you feel at the beginning and then every time you see the change before taking your final notes when the week is over. Your personal CBD diary will help you understand how this cannabinoid works in your case.

People using CBD for stress and anxiety issues commonly report much more immediate effects. On the other hand, if your homeostasis is severely compromised, it’s recommended to use CBD regularly and let its beneficial effects develop with time.

CBD Effects: What Does CBD Feel Like? 5

What Are the Effects of CBD on the Body?

As mentioned, people react differently to CBD oil and it mostly depends on the reason behind this supplementation. For pain, the goal is to feel relieved from this feeling without sedation, while for something like troubles falling asleep, most people use higher doses to facilitate this process.

As you can see, CBD comes with various effects, depending on the purpose of use and how the individual’s body reacts to cannabidiol.

However, you can also use CBD as your daily supplement. But how does this cannabinoid make you feel being a part of your everyday routine?

1. CBD Makes You Calm

We’re exposed to excessive amounts of stress these days, and finding a work-life balance can be a real challenge sometimes. Many people don’t know how to deal with too much pressure and high levels of stress, especially with all these deadlines, meetings and documents your boss asks you to deal with.

And this is where CBD comes in with its calming effects caused by reducing the stimulation of the nervous system.

Additionally, CBD is a non-intoxicating compound of cannabis and therefore it will make you calm while keeping you completely sober. It’s a perfect way to get much-needed relaxation without altering your state of mind.

2. CBD Promotes Better Focus

CBD is also recommended for enhancing your cognitive performance and increasing focus.

When using CBD, you may discover improvements in your alertness and attention for the most part of the day. Moreover, research shows that using low doses of cannabidiol has been shown to increase your bottom energy levels, inducing slightly stimulating effects.

CBD users also claim they have better work performance and feel more content with their daily life at work. Additionally, you may want to try CBD if you’re dealing with mild ADD symptoms to see how it will work in your case.

3. CBD Helps You Get Better-Quality Sleep

When easing pain, reducing blood pressure and relieving stress, CBD can actually improve the quality of your bedtime.

We suggest that you try a single dose of 30 mg of cannabidiol oil before going to sleep. It will improve your breathing at night while reducing pressure and relieving stress. Contrary to sleeping pills, CBD won’t cause any unpleasant or dangerous adverse reactions.

4. CBD Alters Your Pain Perception

Research suggests that CBD exhibits considerable analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it a strong go-to for those who feel achy from time to time (or more frequently). Whether chronic or temporary, pain could be managed with the use of cannabidiol, as it regulates the body’s immune function.

These qualities of cannabidiol are expressed by its interaction with certain receptors, which results in the boosted immune response.


Are There Any Side Effects to Using CBD?

Despite being classified as safe for human consumption by WHO, CBD may still cause a few relatively mild adverse reactions.

The first side effect of using CBD is the possible dryness in the mouth. This adverse reaction results from the cannabinoids’ interaction with our salivary glands, causing the so-called effect of “cottonmouth”.

Lightheadedness is another common side effect caused by consuming higher amounts of CBD oil at a time.

Although cannabidiol usually makes its users more energized, higher doses taken within a short period of time can actually make you feel slightly tired. You may feel a little bit dizzy, as CBD reduces blood pressure.

Long story short, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Most users don’t experience any of these side effects because they don’t use such high doses of this cannabinoid.

If you’re wondering what is the safe dose of CBD per day, research has shown that 1500 mg of cannabidiol daily is perfectly fine for humans.

So… What Are the Effects of CBD?

CBD works differently on everyone, so we have no simple answer to this question. It’s best to experience its effects on yourself, as cannabidiol can induce various feelings, depending on the reason behind your supplementation.

If you still need one answer, here it is: CBD makes you feel relieved.

But most importantly, using CBD oil is safe. It doesn’t cause addiction or overdose, even if you really try. This natural compound is a perfect stress and tension reliever, making its users relaxed and calm but totally sober.

What is your experience with CBD? What does it make you feel like?