What is the Correct CBD Dosage

What is the Correct CBD Dosage [Safe Amount]

CBD therapy is often referred to as ”personalized medicine”, as the adequate treatment depends solely on the individual and the medical condition at issue. A proper CBD dosage can also subdue or counteract the psychedelic THC side-effects.

Cannabidiol produced by CBDSKY currently comes in the forms of oral sprays, CBD hemp oil, capsules, topicals, pets products, and more.

For conditions such as depression, anxiety, pediatric epilepsy, and spasms, the moderate dosage of CBD has proven to work the best. However, if we are talking about neuro-disorders and other, more severe conditions, higher concentrated doses seem to be more effective.

Thorough research has provided us with evidence that supports the theory of CBD’s effectiveness on neuropathic pain, making it an excellent substitute for strong painkillers. At the very beginning of cannabidiol administration, the body should be given a chance to adapt to this compound. This can be done by starting with a smaller dose, only to gradually increase it over time.

Generally, the aim of CBD products is the constant self-administration of quantifiable doses. You don’t want to take too much CBD, of course. It’s not that cannabidiol is harmful in any way. It’s just that your body probably won’t develop the tolerance for CBD. In other words, you won’t need to increase the dose of your CBD oil over time in order to get the desired effects.

Like we said, cannabidiol doesn’t have any harmful side-effects no matter the dose you take. It can, however, interact with other drugs. This could prove to be a problem and cause higher doses to be not as effective as moderate ones. For that reason, and that reason only, when it comes to CBD therapeutics, less is usually more.

CBD Dosage Guidelines

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Choosing the optimal dose of CBD for your treatment may be a hard nut to crack. Since CBD dosage varies for each individual case, it’s best to consult a doctor first. You don’t want to go in “blind” hoping that you will hit the bull’s eye.

On the contrary, when you visit your doctor and you both decide to use CBD for your condition, the doctor should be able to determine, at least, the starting CBD dosage.

This, of course, depends on the form in which you will administer CBD. Different CBD products come with different concentration levels of cannabidiol, so the sooner you select the ingestion method, the better. It’s about efficiency and your convenience.

Determine whether you want to take CBD in the form of:

  • oil
  • capsules
  • oral infused sprays
  • topicals
  • e-liquids
  • tinctures
  • edibles

It is pretty much straight forward and once you find the perfect product for your needs, you can start taking CBD according to your doctor’s instructions.

Here’s a couple of tips to maximize CBD’s efficiency.

  • Since we want to approach CBD with baby steps, it’s best to start with a lower dose. This specifically applies to people who had no previous contact with cannabidiol.
  • Do not take one big dose a day, but rather divide it into a couple of smaller ones.
  • Use the same amount for a couple of days. Pay attention to the results, and only then, modify the dosage if necessary.
  • Remember not to go overboard. In the case of cannabidiol therapy, “less is usually more.”
  • Talk to your healthcare professional prior to the consumption of this compound. Take caution if you are a recovering alcoholic, drug addict, or if you are suffering from mental disorders.

What Type of CBD Therapy Is Best for You?

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Cannabidiol products are made in more than one form. People use them in a variety of ways, and now,  you can even purchase CBD online.

It’s perfectly understandable if you’re wondering what kind of CBD therapy will be best for you. We’re afraid there’s no universal answer to this question.

In short, the most suitable method of administration is the one that ensures the body gets the desired dosage with lasting results and little to no side effects.


Vaporization feels a whole lot like smoking although it’s not, and involves the usage of a device, such as a vape pen, CBD vape juice with CBD e-liquid or oil. It is a healthy choice as the CBD is your vaporizer only heats the material without causing combustion. So, instead of inhaling smoke, you are inhaling the pure vapor.


These herbal oil formulas are made through the dissolution of cannabinoids in a solvent. The benefits they offer, lasting effects and dosing are similar to edibles.

Sublingual Oral Sprays

Infused sublingual sprays are mixtures of cannabidiol concentrates and other substances, for example, coconut oil. As the name suggests, people use these products for spraying the area beneath the tongue where the absorption of CBD occurs quickly. The sprays are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a product whose effects can be felt almost immediately. You can apply sublingual sprays on the go, and they don’t involve any preparation.

Capsules & Gel Caps

Cannabidiol, when taken in the form of a capsule or a gel cap, has medical benefits, too. CBD dosage and duration, like in the case of oil drops, depends on their size and strength. It is one of the most traditional ways for a quick easy way to consume a dietary supplement.

Topicals & Salves

Topicals, ointments, and creams infused with CBD oil are capable of subduing pain and inflammation. As well as capable of assisting with various skin conditions and infections. As we apply them directly on the skin, externally rather than internally, our skin will enjoy an abundance of benefits associated with CBD properties while also improving the overall condition of the skin.

What is your CBD dosage? How much CBD do you need to take for your condition? What’s your CBD intake tolerance versus the daily supplementation? Share your stories!