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CBD for Arthritis: (Does it Really Work?)

Ever heard of using CBD for arthritis? Studies suggest that it can really help patients suffering from this disorder and from a variety of other pain-related health concerns. With the rise in popularity of CBD oils and other cannabis products, there are numerous claims being made surrounding its health benefits. How many of these claims […]

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Age Is Just a Number: CBD for Seniors [Benefits]

As research on CBD continues to grow, more and more is being discovered about the health benefits of cannabidiol, and the use of CBD for seniors has dramatically increased nowadays. Demographers and researchers point to the years of the mid-1940’s to early 1960’s as the “baby boomer” generation. This was a time post-World War II, […]

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Same Plant, Different Compounds: CBD vs THC

Understanding the difference between CBD vs THC is essential for overcoming any fears related to consumption of cannabis People have been stigmatizing cannabis for way too long. The plant has been often brushed aside as a gateway drug with strong potential for abuse. This, somewhat distorted way of thinking, will hopefully become a sad reminder […]

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Pure CBD Health Benefits: Giving Access

Hundreds of scientific studies examine the link between CBD health benefits and our overall well-being. Numerous experiments show promising results, completely changing our perception of modern medicine. With the recognition of cannabidiol as an incredibly therapeutic compound that doesn’t cause any hallucinogenic side-effects. Medical professionals have started looking at cannabis with new eyes – the […]

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9 Critical CBD Oil Facts [You Need to Know]

People are curious about uncovering the whole potential of cannabis, especially when it comes to cannabidiol, one of the most researched cannabinoids thus far. This lush period creates numerous opportunities for both cannabis users and entrepreneurs to draw from the benefits of the plant. We would like you to make yourself familiar with 10 common CBD […]

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