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Top 3 Best Ways to Take CBD [2018]

Tinctures, oil, capsules, topicals, or e-juices? What are the best ways to take CBD? In this article, we would like to introduce you to our top three best ways to take CBD in 2018!

The benefits of using cannabidiol or CBD seem to be countless, and with more and more research emerging all of the time, it goes without saying that the CBD industry is booming. Such rapid growth has given rise to the development of various forms in which you can apply cannabidiol.

Top ways to take CBD

CBD oils, capsules, skin care products, CBD for pets, tinctures, concentrates – you name it.

With such an abundance of options available on the market, it may be overpowering to choose the best method of CBD application. To be honest, there’s no such thing as THE best method; it all depends on an individual.

That being said, it’s essential to decide on your goals and the amount of cannabidiol you want to consume before you try any product. Oh, and pick a reputable manufacturer – this is a “must-do”.

So, once you know your CBD company and you want to purchase from them, choose the best form of administering cannabidiol for your needs.

Let’s take a look at which ways were deemed best in 2018!

1.Topical use

best ways to take cbd

The topical application of CBD is ideal for people looking to treat specific, localized pain in the body, especially muscle tissue. This method is also the way to go if you’re looking to treat any skin conditions.

Cannabidiol is a natural anti-inflammatory, and direct application to the affected area will deliver the beneficial properties where they’re most needed. The bioavailability and rate of absorption are the lowest in this method of use, which is why it is best for localized injuries or pain.

To enhance the effectiveness of CBD topicals, you can combine them with oral application or vaporization.


best ways to take cbd

There is a variety of ways to use CBD via ingestion. When it comes to finding the most simple method, capsules are the way to go. This is the best option to ensure you’re getting a very specific, regulated amount, as the dose of CBD per capsule is consistent. Other than that, you can ingest CBD in the form of oil, too.

To achieve the optimal effect, hold a dose of your CBD oil in the mouth to absorb it sublingually, and then, just swallow it.

Another means of administering CBD through ingestion is through CBD-infused edibles. Today, you will find plenty of different edible products, such as cookies, gummies, lollipops, condiments, sweets, etc.

This is an excellent option for those who can’t swallow pills, or dislike the taste of straight CBD oil.  Edibles are a fun, tasty, and easy way to incorporate CBD. They also provide a discrete means of use, as they’re typically seen by others as an ordinary snack or treat.

This form of the application provides high bioavailability, which makes it a good option for many internal conditions. Last but not least, edibles provide a full spectrum of health benefits and can be added as a preventative addition to any health regimen.


best ways to take cbd

The best option for the highest bioavailability and quickest absorption is by far through “vaping” CBD oil. In short, vaping is the inhalation of the vapor produced by an electronic device, frequently referred to as a vape pen.

The CBD oil used for vaping is different than that used for ingestion, so be sure you select one that is suitable for this method. These are available in a variety of strengths, as well as flavors, so vaping is offers the user a very customizable CBD experience.

Herbal and oil vaporizers are recommended by doctors for acute ailments, as patients can notice the effects almost immediately. This, in turn, provides a quick means of relief, thanks to which vaporizers have become a sort of pop-cultural symbol, from doctors and A-list celebrities to regular users.

In addition to providing the highest absorption rate, vaporization proves a safe alternative to smoking, as the vapor is free from toxic substances like carcinogens.

Anything else?

Well, because we’re talking about the best ways to use CBD here, we took the liberty of not mentioning smoking cannabidiol. Yes, some people use their CBD in the form of dried buds which they smoke in a variety of ways. Smoking, however, is the least healthy of all methods of CBD consumption. Not only does it cause direct damage to your throat and lungs, but it also leaves harmful substances such as toxins and carcinogens in your system. Last but not least, chronic smoking leaves tar build-ups in your lungs, which reduces your lung capacity.

To cut the long story short, you CAN smoke your CBD, but it doesn’t mean that you SHOULD.

Is CBD a product for everyone?

It seems that the answer is positive.

The versatility of cannabidiol is amazing, not to mention that you can adjust the method of application to a certain condition. For example, patients suffering from frequent muscle spasms can achieve the best effects through vaping, whereas athletes find relief in CBD topicals.

Moreover, there’s a growing number of parents who are eager to introduce cannabidiol to their children. The CBD industry has already found the answer to that demand by offering gummy candies, syrups, and flavored tinctures.

Finally, if you need a higher concentration of CBD and you need your supplement on the go, you will swear by sublingual use or capsules. This is hands down one of the best ways to take cannabidiol.

To wrap it up, depending on your needs and preferred method of administering cannabidiol, you will always find a CBD product that will eventually become your keeper. Be it capsules, edible gummies, tinctures, oil drops, or concentrates, keep in mind that CBD is something to be not only effective but also enjoyable.

Make a list of what you’re looking to improve and/or why you are incorporating the use of CBD. If you have specific requirements, but you are still unsure which product to buy, reach out to CBD SKY support. The team can assist you by discussing your situation and help you choose the best product. After all, who knows the industry better than people who contribute to it?

Keep in mind that, regardless of your final choice, a path with CBD is a path to optimal health.

Live life better!