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9 Hemp Seed Oil Benefits You Should Know

What Are The Key Hemp Seed Oil Benefits For Your Body?

All forms of hemp seed oil come from food grain strains of hemp with some key benefits for your health & wellness.

This means there is a negligible risk of intoxication from consuming hemp because they all contain less than 0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is the compound responsible for causing the euphoric high in marijuana.

Hemp seed oil is not the same as cannabidiol oil, it’s so much more! CBD oil comes from the hemp plant, which naturally contains a high level of CBD.

Full-spectrum hemp seed oil contains a slew of health benefits on account of its many flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids (including CBD).  

These range from reducing mental health issues to curbing inflammation – all backed up by science, although it would be a stretch to argue that hemp oil ‘cures’ disease.

Hemp seed oil merely treats the symptoms of many diseases, mitigates pain, and alleviates seizures, while not completely eliminating them. 

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1. Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil for Skin 

Hemp seed oil has a good nutrition profile that is especially beneficial to the skin. It has many fatty acids and vitamins that keep the skin healthy.

This was demonstrated by a 2014 study that analyzed hemp seed oil’s lipid profile and found it to be abundant in rich fatty acids and essential oils.

Together, these fatty acids and essential oils make hemp oil ideal for use with the skin, protecting it from oxidation and inflammation, preventing aging, and nourishing it.

When applied topically, hemp seed oil helps the skin ward off dangerous infections.

A 2014 review on the benefits of hemp seed oil suggested that it could help with a range of skin issues including dermatitis, eczema, varicose eczema, psoriasis, and acne rosacea, among others.

These skincare benefits stem from the beneficial fats and essential oils in hemp seed oil.   

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2. Hemp Seed Oil Helps Manage Your Cardiovascular Health 

While CBD itself doesn’t have a very beneficial nutrition profile, hemp seed oil has flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids, enriching it with a potent nutrition profile.

Scientists believe hemp seed oil is good for the heart, although much of the information comes from animal studies on rodents and other mammals with endocannabinoid systems.

A review published in Nutrition & Metabolism pointed out the nutrition profile of hemp seed extracts and noted that it could have numerous therapeutic effects on cardiovascular issues such as atherosclerosis, cholesterol, and high blood pressure.  

A 2014 study deduced that the consumption of alpha-linolenic acid, a powerful terpene found in full-spectrum hemp seed oil, can reduce the risk of heart disease.

This terpene is also found in flaxseed oil and fish oil. However, more studies with clinical trials are required to confirm the hypothesis.

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3. Hemp CBD Oil May Facilitate a Healthy Brain

Hemp seed oil has a lot of fatty acid content that can be productive for the brain as well. The brain requires healthy fats to properly do its job.

Not only can hemp seed oil provide the lion’s share of fatty acids to the brain, but it also contains other compounds such as CBD that can protect the brain. 

No human studies have been done to verify this claim, but a 2018 study conducted on rodents showed promising results.

Hemp seed extract contained active compounds that minimize inflammation in rats.

The authors noted the high polyphenol content of hemp seed oil, which can play an important role in protecting the brain.

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4. Pain Relief From CBD Oil

The primary reason why many people seem to use hemp seed oil is because it contains CBD.

And for good reason, CBD is naturally good at relieving pain, especially if it is the result of inflammation.

Many people are starting to wise up to the fact that traditional opioids and other over-the-counter medications for pain relief have several negative side effects, the worst of them is addiction.

The body does not build tolerance for CBD, which means it won’t require higher quantities of it in order to experience relief.

A lot of anecdotal evidence shows that CBD is good at reducing pain by suppressing inflammatory and neuropathic pain. 

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5. Hemp Oil is a Great Source of Plant-Based Proteins

By some estimates, hemp seeds provide similar amounts of protein as equivalent amounts of lamb and beef. In fact, 30 grams of hemp seeds can provide as much as 11 grams of protein.

Hemp oil is the ideal source of protein intake, providing the body with all its essential amino acids.

The body does not produce many of these essential amino acids on its own, and it must obtain them from other sources.

Plants are rarely considered as ‘complete’ sources of protein, with many species lacking the essential amino acid, lysine.

Another plant-based source of protein-rich in essential amino acids is quinoa.

Moreover, hemp seeds contain very high amounts of cysteine and methionine, as well as high levels of glutamic acid and arginine. 

It is easy for the body to digest hemp protein, better than nuts, grains, and legumes. 

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6. Hemp Oil for Acne 

Hemp seed oil is perfect for most skin types because it moisturizes epidermis without clogging the pores.

It can remove oily skin, provide some much-needed hydration, and regulate oil production.

Lack of hydration is one of the key reasons for acne. The skin compensates by overproducing oil, which leads to acne.

Hemp oil is efficient at preventing dry skin without clogging the pores. 

7. Hemp Seed Oil Can Reduce the Symptoms of Menopause and PMS

Studies have shown that around 80 percent of women of reproductive age tend to suffer from emotional and physical symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

These symptoms occur due to the body’s sensitivity to prolactin, a hormone. Hemp seed contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which helps in the production of prostaglandin E1, a molecule that can mitigate the effects of prolactin. 

A study in women undergoing PMS found that consuming as little as 1 gram of essential fatty acids, that included 210 mg of gamma-linolenic acid, proved effective at minimizing the symptoms of PMS. Other therapies were less efficient and often failed. 

GLA helps reduce the symptoms of menopause too. The exact mechanism is not understood, but there is enough evidence available. 

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8. Hemp Oil for Arthritis 

Because hemp seed oil contains CBD, it can prove to be an effective treatment for arthritis. This includes both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Plenty of anecdotal evidence support this position, but more randomized double-blinded placebo trials on human subjects are required. 

9. Hemp Seed Oil Helps in Digestion

Research has shown that hemp seed oil is a natural reservoir of both soluble and insoluble fiber.

The former helps in the formation of a gel-like substance in the gut. It is then used as a source of nutrition by digestive bacteria while also regulating blood sugar and cholesterol levels. 

Insoluble fiber plays a key role in facilitating proper bowel movements. They add bulk to stool which makes it easier to pass through the gut. Studies show that insoluble fiber might have a part to play in preventing diabetes.  

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Where To Buy CBD Hemp Oil Online

The research on hemp oil is currently under full gear. It is still a relatively new field, particularly in the US where laws are still opening up.

Make sure to consult with your medical doctor if you’re already on medication to prevent hemp oil from interacting with them in your system. 

If you’re ready to try using hemp seed oil to manage any of the ailments mentioned above, please browse out our categories of over 100+ exclusive hemp CBD products.

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